Virtual Classroom

Vcon-HD virtual classroom / online teaching solution for universities, schools and teachers,
Online teaching offers a real-time and cost effective full features virtual classroom environment consisting of an interactive online virtual classroom featuring easy-to-use and function accessible interface which is specially designed for individuals and professionals.

For individuals, practically and effective virtual classroom software can have individual tutors and trainers to tech live over the Internet and to deliver unlimited live classes and online lessons. For schools and universities, easy-to-use and affordable virtual classroom enables schools and universities to arrange simultaneous live classes and online courses with multiple teachers and professors.

Web-based conferencing offers an easy, effective and affordable way to enable people to use the Internet to get in touch with others around the world. Web-based conferencing software is widely used in online teaching, whether is for personal learning or for school or university teaching.
Is there any easy way to start online teaching? Yes, but you need the right tool. Here I humbly recommend Vcon-HD web-based video conferencing software. It turns out to be powerful online teaching software with all necessary features for online teachers. With it, you can easily deliver your online courses to online learners. Now see the main features of VCon-HD online teaching tool.

What can Vcon-HD provides for online teaching? Build virtual classroom environment by using online teaching software

virtual classroom

Virtual classroom environment

With Vcon-HD, online teacher can build the virtual classroom environment. Virtual classroom can be available anytime without region restriction, teach from any place which engage your students in a rich learning experience by providing real-time online collaboration between teacher and student.

HD video communication

With the advanced H.264 MP4 video coding technology, Vcon-HD can stream with up to 720P and 1080P with adjustable video quality, Presentations of the whole online courses can be explained visibly and effectively.

virtual classroom

virtual classroom

Real-time online presentation

Vcon-HD online teaching tool supports live video and crystal clear audio, multiple interactive whiteboards, markup and annotation tools, files transferring, screen sharing, and many other collaboration tools.

Text chat

As a powerful online teaching tool, Vcon-HD video conferencing software supports text chat with others. It lets you exchange text message with others and save chat log on your computer.

virtual classroom

virtual classroom

Electronic Voting

Vcon-HD supports E-voting. With it, online teacher can post questions and learners can vote anonymously by choosing answer. The results can be converted into a bar chart and broadcast to trainees.

Scalable and accessible

Vcon-HD is virtual classroom software that offers an easy and convenient way for people around the world to get equal opportunity to teaching whenever they like by creating an online virtual classroom environment for both teachers and students.
Vcon-HD online teaching tool is Scalable and accessible.

virtual classroom