Video presentation

Video presentation for sales & marketing professionals.

Sales and marketing professionals are the key to the development and prosperity of the company. In order to generate more revenue for companies, they try will their best to find a more effective and competitive way to do business. Then, as a sales professional, do you need to still afford one or more days traveling to visit your customers. Then, probably you are out.

Currently, without visiting customers face by face, many sales and marketing professionals choose to use a more reachable and effective way to do business, that’s video presentation which offers a more direct, intuitive and effective way for sales and marketing professionals to manage vendors, launch products, present product materials to media, analysts and potential customers to generate revenues effectively.
The main advantages of online video presentation for sales and marketing professionals: Reach more customers, especially those in remote locations with less time to improve efficiency. Use high-quality video conferencing to conduct clear, intuitive product and service promotion Use online meetings and training to maintain customer relationship and gain more customers

Key Features of online presentation:

video presentation

Advantages :

Using video presentation software, you can not only train your employees, promote your products and services to your customers, but also maintain your customer relationship, build their loyalty and develop new customers.


video presentation

Readily accessible :

Video conferencing can easily be realized, what you need is a computer with good Internet connection, a microphone, a mouse and our video conferencing software. Besides, it can be also available on multiple portable devices.


video presentation

Online presentation:

You can promote your products and services to your customers using multiple online presentation tools such as text message exchange, file sharing, media sharing, screen sharing, whiteboard and electronic voting etc.


video presentation

Video Recording :

Depending on your personal requirements, you can choose to record your desired parts of conference in either SD video quality or HD (using advanced H.264, MPEG-4 video coding technology) 720P or 1080P video quality.


video presentation

Video presentation : Scalable

Video conferencing software enables sales representatives to get in touch with their customers from around the world more easily and effectively without having to travel around, thus saving a large amount of expenses on traveling.